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See real footage of sadistic military training exercises, cruel initiations, invasive medical examinations from the likes of Bad Lads Army and much more.
Cruel and torturous training exercises designed to toughen up young recruits are seen from the British documentary Bad Lads Army. Authentic pervy military videos featuring cadets in the showers, naked discipline in front of their platoon, medical exams, officer bullying, early morning erections, foreskin cleaning demonstrations, exercise, and nasty initiations. See real footage of boot camps, army barracks, British Royal Marines beasting, Bad Lads Army and POW prisoner abuse recreation documentaries. More from Bad Lads Army - young thugs are beaten into shape in the parade ground. The cocky lads are stripped to reveal their muscled bodies and soon reduced to gibbering wrecks!
Watch how raw recruits are turned into British Royal Marines or why the French Foreign Legion has the reputation of being the toughest men on the planet. Heads shaved, wading through mud, beatings and strict discipline are what these guys have to endure.

You can almost smell the sweat and testosterone from our locker room clips. Post match interviews with rowdy sportsmen, guys caught unawares getting changed and showering, guys giving each other a massage, high jinks and horseplay!
Hidden spy cams capture everything that goes on in the changing room. Unaware they're on camera they kick back, relax and strip off. Travel into the locker rooms to see real amateur and professional sportsmen stripping totally nude, showering naked, hanging out in the sauna, bathing together, receiving sports massages, cleaning the mud from their muscular athletic bodies, celebrating in the nude and caught exposed on film before they realize it! Also see videos secretly filmed in gyms and sports centres capturing fit men in the showers, towelling off naked and having a piss at the urinals. Watch incredibly fit sportsmen in the buff, muscles rippling and dripping with sweat. I bet you always wanted to know what went on when men get together in the locker room!
Their guard is down - they're happily stripped naked showering, pissing and having a laugh. Always check in the background where some dumb jock doesn't realise the camera is rolling and drops his towel to reveal his big thick cock and sweaty balls.

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These amateur video stars never guessed their intimate home movies would end up on sites like this. Nude runs on the beach, showing off their asses in public and making drunken fools of themselves - all caught on camera for your viewing pleasure!

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Every rugby club these days produces a naked calendar - luckily for us there's usually a video camera present to capture all the beef on display! From the top athletes in the world to the sexiest guys who play football on the weekend, EricDeman has film of accidental exposures on the field, rugby and football naked initiations, group testicle examinations, boxing nude weigh ins, swimmers popping out of their suits, jock straps revealed, naked calendar photo shoots, cyclists stopping for a piss, naked wrestling, tennis players heavy bulges and sportsmen working out naked. Big sweaty cocks slapping against their meaty thighs - sportsmen often forget there's a camera around when they're relaxing after a gruelling match.
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